Project Director Mega Energy Storage Systems

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Project Director Mega Energy Storage Systems

Do you have roots in the energy sector? Have you previously been responsible for the construction of power plants? Are you looking for a connection with the future? Then the job of Project Director Mega Energy Storage Systems might be something for you.


Project Director Mega Energy Storage Systems
We have developed clean and scalable technologies for energy storage. In the coming years, we intend to build several large systems with a storage capacity of 300-520 megawatt hours. These are the first energy storage systems we will build in the Netherlands and, given market demand, we expect to install them in other European countries as well. But, because these are our first systems, we are looking for someone who has built up a lot of experience in the construction of large energy systems. On the one hand, we need experience relating to the size and complexity of the construction projects and, on the other, experience relating to the connection of these energy systems, factory situations and distribution networks.

Our energy storage systems are powered by solar energy, wind energy or through the grid. Our systems can handle all these forms of energy. We store the energy when the supply is high and return it when the supply is low. Our systems are modular, and the size of the storage module is tailored to the circumstances, needs and requirements of our clients. In the majority of cases, the energy leaving our system via the discharge modules ends up “in the grid”, but can also be used differently in specific cases.

As our Project Director Mega Energy Storage Systems, you will be responsible for the preparation, construction and follow-up support related to the construction of large energy storage systems. You will manage the project leaders of the various teams and companies involved. You must be able to connect our new technology to existing systems and networks. We are a very enterprising company and we love challenges. Do you?

Three years ago, nobody was talking about energy storage systems. Let alone clean energy storage. We believe energy storage systems are an indispensable piece of the puzzle for making society more sustainable. We also think that, in the slightly longer term, only clean systems will be able to survive. By “clean” we mean systems that are “clean” during the extraction of the raw materials, during use and after use. And we build such energy storage systems.

Your profile

  • You have completed a programme of study at a Technical University in the Netherlands or abroad;
  • You have built up managerial experience in the construction of multiple energy generation or distribution systems of varying scale;
  • You have a broad technical knowledge of energy systems;
  • You are used to managing teams from different disciplines;
  • You can persuade suppliers and business partners to enter into agreements;
  • You are a team player.

Then we would like to welcome you to our management team!

Our offer
We offer outstanding primary and secondary employment conditions for the right man or woman. Bee Bee One is part of a group of companies active in next-generation technology in the field of sustainability. 

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About Bee Bee One

Bee Bee One develops clean energy storage systems. They are the cleanest systems in the world. Before, during and after use. Our current production is mainly concentrated on making large energy storage systems. These systems have a storage capacity of several tens to several hundred megawatt hours. With our technology, we want to make an important contribution to a more sustainable society. If you want to know more about Bee Bee One, check out

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