Clean Energy Storage

Electricity and heat from a single storage system

Electricity and heat from a single storage system

With BeeBeeOne storage systems, you can store energy and use it exactly when it’s needed. This system is ideal for businesses that produce their own wind and solar energy, are experiencing growing energy demands, or face grid congestion. BeeBeeOne designs clean storage solutions starting at 1MWh that provide both heat and electricity.

  • Achieve ambitions despite grid congestion

  • Reduce reliance on the power grid

  • Maximize the use of your own solar and wind energy

  • Gas-free heating solutions

Clean energy
deserves clean storage.

The benefits of BeeBeeOne


The BeeBeeOne energy storage systems are clean and recyclable after use


No risk of fire when charging, storing and discharging electricity


The units of 5 MWh can be readily connected and scaled up to 520 MWh


Suitable for short-term or long-term energy storage


The storage capacity can be readily modified by linking together additional or fewer modules

No fixed form

Can be modified to suit the environment, regardless of whether it is in a residential area or industrial district

Long life

With around 25,000 cycles, BeeBeeOne storage systems last on average five times longer than traditional batteries

High net storage capacity

During use, 96% of the gross storage capacity of 5 MWh per unit is available; with lithium-ion systems this is only around 60%

Clean energy storage deserves a future

BeeBeeOne’s technology is clean and sustainable. We store energy in natural products, and the components we use are recyclable. In contrast, storage systems based on lithium-ion technology—which currently dominate the market—become hazardous chemical waste after their lifecycle. Unlike lithium-ion, BeeBeeOne’s storage systems are not only clean but also fully recyclable.

Want to know more about our clean
and flexible energy storage systems?

Want to know more about our clean
and flexible energy storage systems?

Industry solutions

Food and Beverage Industry

Our energy storage systems provide both electricity and heat to the food and beverage industry, where strict temperature and process requirements are essential. With our systems, companies can control their process temperatures for processes such as pasteurization and fermentation. This leads to a more stable production environment and lower energy costs.

Cosmetics Production

For cosmetics production, our energy storage systems supply electricity and heat, crucial for manufacturing processes like heating, mixing, and drying. By bridging peak times, our system ensures continuity in the production process and helps to reduce operational costs.


In microgrids and energy hubs, our energy storage systems play a crucial role by storing electricity during periods of abundance and releasing it as heat and/or electricity when demand increases. This creates an independent energy supply, where energy storage is aligned with energy generation, demand, and distribution within the local network.