Clean Energy Storage

Electricity and heat from a single storage system

Electricity and heat from a single storage system

With BeeBeeOne storage systems, you can store energy and use it exactly when it’s needed. This system is ideal for businesses that produce their own wind and solar energy, are experiencing growing energy demands, or face grid congestion. BeeBeeOne designs clean storage solutions starting at 1MWh that provide both heat and electricity.

  • Achieve ambitions despite grid congestion

  • Reduce reliance on the power grid

  • Maximize the use of your own solar and wind energy

  • Gas-free heating solutions

Clean energy
deserves clean storage.

The benefits of BeeBeeOne

  • Clean

    The BeeBeeOne energy storage systems are clean and recyclable after use

  • Fire-safe

    No risk of fire when charging, storing and discharging electricity

  • Modular

    The units of 5 MWh can be readily connected and scaled up to 520 MWh

Meet our commercial director

Discover how our storage system works and the benefits it offers in this interview with our Commercial Director, Daan Hogewoning, on the RTL4 program “Zondag op Vier.”

Clean energy storage deserves a future

BeeBeeOne’s technology is clean and sustainable. We store energy in natural products, and the components we use are recyclable. In contrast, storage systems based on lithium-ion technology—which currently dominate the market—become hazardous chemical waste after their lifecycle. Unlike lithium-ion, BeeBeeOne’s storage systems are not only clean but also fully recyclable.

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flexible energy storage systems?

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